Collabify Teams

February 24, 2019

We are excited to show you our work in progress which is a step closer to our vision! A cloud office where remote teams can collaborate as if they were in the same physical place.

"A cloud office where remote teams collaborate"

We call it Teams and we are currently using it ourselves daily as we develop it. Think of it as your own project room or office - directly in the browser!

Collabify team

Chat walls

The classic "wall of text" chat room.

Voice Rooms

Just jump in and start talking. Move seamlessly between rooms.


The Collabify Meeting room. Invite anyone to your meetings by sending the meeting link. Your team members have easy access and can join the meeting from the sidebar.


We love remote work. We love working in teams and to collaborate. We want to create an awesome place that enables teams to work and collaborate wherever they are.

Written ByThe Collabify TeamA cloud office where teams collaborate.🌞☁️🏡🎧📱