Introducing Collabify

January 19, 2019

We are happy to announce the release of Collabify, a web based application that gives you simple and easy online meetings directly in your web browser.

"Simple and easy online meetings"

In one click you have a meeting going where you can talk, text, turn on your webcam or share your screen with the meeting participants. You choose who to invite to the meeting by sending them the meeting link. We are just getting started with Collabify and are continuously working on improvements and new features.

Collabify meeting

Our Vision

Collaboration and meetings should be easy and fun. We believe in creativity and collaboration and want to build a place where people can come together to create - no matter where they are. We imagine a project room or office in the cloud where ideas are shared, plans are crafted and dreams can be achieved.

"A cloud office where ideas are shared, plans are crafted and dreams can be achieved"

We are on a quest to make collaboration more fun and you are welcome to join us and share your thoughts with us. We are looking forward to hear your feedback as we progress towards a better remote workplace.

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