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The complete toolkit for remote teams

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Chat walls

Create conversations for different topics to fit your team's needs.

Chat with your team, post links, images, code-snippets and more.

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Voice channels

Jump into a voice channel to discuss, collaborate or maybe just hang out?.

Easy, accessible and always on.

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Screen sharing

Share your screen with team members in the same voice channel or meeting room.

Perfect when you need some quick feedback or when pair-programming.

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Meeting rooms

Create or join a meeting room with integrated voice, chat and webcam functions.

Invite team members or simply send a link to anyone.

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Task boards

Create task boards to manage your team's tasks. Extremely easy with drag and drop functionality.

Assign memebers to different tasks, comment on tasks and much more. Try it out!

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Scheduled meetings

If you don't want to have a meeting right now, we give you the opportunity to schedule one!

You will get an invitation link that you can share with anyone. All your scheduled meetings will be visible inside the app.

Collaborate Online in Teams

Create teams and start collaborating with colleagues, clients or friends. Add your own chat walls & voice channels so your team can communicate easily and effectively with each other.

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